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Title Speaker Date
The Certainty of the Second Coming and of Mans Accountability Tom Nelson 7/15/2001
The Inseparability of Faith and Virtue Tom Nelson 7/8/2001
The Christian Advance Tom Nelson 7/1/2001
Peters Yardstick of Orthodoxy Tom Nelson 6/24/2001
The Underlying Cause of the Middle-East Crisis Tom Nelson 6/17/2001
Consider Jesus Walter Nusbaum 6/10/2001
Engaging Sin: A Lesson in APTAT Mitch Maher 6/3/2001
Hinds Feet in High Places The Blessedness of Providence Tom Nelson 5/27/2001
The Destiny Of Evil Tom Nelson 5/20/2001
The Dilemma of Evil Tom Nelson 5/13/2001
The Christ, The Son of the Living God Tom Nelson 4/15/2001
The Twentieth Century: Rebellion Come to Roost Tom Nelson 3/25/2001
Grace and Good Sheep: Safety from the Clear and Present Danger Tom Nelson 3/18/2001
Grace and Leadership: Profile of a Shepherd Tom Nelson 3/11/2001
The Art of Suffering IV Trusting God for the Long Haul Tom Nelson 3/4/2001
The Art of Suffering III Comrades in Arms Tom Nelson 2/25/2001
The Art of Suffering II: Comfort to the Purple Heart Tom Nelson 2/18/2001
The Art of Suffering I Tom Nelson 2/11/2001
Be Strong and Courageous Charles Stolfus 2/4/2001
Grace and Social Skills Tom Nelson 1/28/2001
Our National Shame Tom Nelson 1/21/2001
The Chief End of Man Tom Nelson 1/14/2001
A New Years Inventory Tom Nelson 1/7/2001
Grace and the Home: Loving Husbands Tom Nelson 12/10/2000
Grace and the Home: Submissive Wives Tom Nelson 12/3/2000
Grace and the Workplace Tom Nelson 11/26/2000
Grace and Government Tom Nelson 11/19/2000
Grace and Integrity: Prerequisite for Priesthood Tom Nelson 11/12/2000
Grace and Purpose Tom Nelson 11/5/2000
Grace and Growth Tom Nelson 10/29/2000
Grace and Love Tom Nelson 10/22/2000
The Reason We Obey Tom Nelson 10/8/2000
Grace and Holiness Tom Nelson 10/1/2000
Grace and Glory Tom Nelson 9/24/2000
Grace and Endurance Through Lifes Inevitable Trials Tom Nelson 9/17/2000
Grace and Security Tom Nelson 9/10/2000
Peters Primer on Grace Tom Nelson 9/3/2000
Unity: The Fragrance of Heaven Tom Nelson 8/13/2000
Gods Covenant to David, Mans Light and Hope Tom Nelson 8/6/2000
How the Big Boys Live Tom Nelson 7/30/2000
..Out of the Depths... Tom Nelson 7/23/2000
The Chosen Tom Nelson 7/16/2000
True Happiness Tom Nelson 7/9/2000
Solomon's "State of the Union" Tom Nelson 7/2/2000
God Our Help in Ages Past - Our Hope for Years to Come Tom Nelson 6/25/2000
The Hope of the Jews Tom Nelson 6/18/2000
Were it not for God... Tom Nelson 6/11/2000
Seeing the Unseen in an Evil Day Tom Nelson 6/4/2000
A King's Prayer Tom Nelson 5/28/2000
Our Help in The Journey of Life Tom Nelson 5/21/2000
The Songs of Ascent - Going Home Tom Nelson 5/14/2000
Departing to the Right Tom Nelson 5/7/2000
A Warning for America Tom Nelson 4/30/2000
"...The Resurrection of the Body and the Life Everlasting" Tom Nelson 4/23/2000
The Sewer of Scripture Tom Nelson 4/16/2000
The Theological and Moral Decline of a Nation Tom Nelson 4/9/2000
An Inspection of Defection: The Root of a Nations Departure Tom Nelson 4/2/2000
Samson: The Self-Destructiveness of Sin Tom Nelson 3/26/2000
Samson: A Type of Deliverance A Tale of Demise Tom Nelson 3/19/2000
Descent into Doom Tom Nelson 3/12/2000
Call of Glory, Seeds of Doom Tom Nelson 3/5/2000
Jephthah Israels Rejected Savior, Lord and Judge Tom Nelson 2/27/2000
The Man Who Would Be King Tom Nelson 2/20/2000
An Ephod at Ophrah Tom Nelson 2/13/2000
Three Persons You Do Not Want To Be Tom Nelson 2/6/2000
Lowly Tools for Lofty Tasks Tom Nelson 1/30/2000
Where Eagles Dare Tom Nelson 1/23/2000
Gideon: The Molding of an Unlikely Hero Tom Nelson 1/16/2000
Song of Deborah: Perils of Sheep and Ships Tom Nelson 12/5/1999
Deborah and Jael Women Forced to the Front Tom Nelson 11/21/1999
Little Man, Big God, Great Day Tom Nelson 11/14/1999
Cycles of Sin and The First National Hero Tom Nelson 11/7/1999
The Art of Destroying a Civilization Tom Nelson 10/31/1999
A Tale of Four Cities Tom Nelson 10/24/1999
The Faithfulness of Old to a New Generation Tom Nelson 10/17/1999
The Final Word Tom Nelson 10/10/1999
Panorama of Hostility Tom Nelson 10/3/1999
History Unmasked Tom Nelson 9/26/1999
Daniel 9: Keyhole of Bible Prophecy Tom Nelson 9/19/1999
Antiochus and Anti-Christ: Wickedness Then and Evil to Come Tom Nelson 9/12/1999
Antichrist: Thunderhead of Earths Final Days Tom Nelson 9/5/1999
Daniel: Gods Extraordinary Man in a Decadent World Tom Nelson 8/29/1999
The Handwriting on the Wall Final Notice to a Hardened Land Tom Nelson 8/15/1999
Nebuchadnezzar: Standard and Exhortation to the Gentile World Tom Nelson 8/8/1999
Profile of Coming Conflict Tom Nelson 8/1/1999
The Keyhole of Biblical Prophecy Tom Nelson 7/25/1999
How to Survive Babylon U Tom Nelson 7/11/1999
The Rise of Pentecostalism 1867 - Present Tom Nelson 6/27/1999
The Rise of Liberalism The Late 1800s to Present Tom Nelson 6/20/1999
The Revival of 1857 The Laymans Prayer Revival Tom Nelson 6/13/1999
The Second Great Awakening 1787 - 1810 Tom Nelson 6/6/1999
The First Great Awakening 1720-1740 Tom Nelson 5/30/1999
The Age of Reason and Revival 1648 - 1789 Tom Nelson 5/23/1999
The Age of Reformation (Cont) A.D. 1517-1648 Tom Nelson 5/16/1999
The Age of Reformation A.D. 1517-1648 Tom Nelson 5/9/1999
The Rumblings of Reform Tom Nelson 5/2/1999
The Age of Christendom A.D. 590-1517 Tom Nelson 4/25/1999
The Age of Imperial Christianity (Part Two) Tom Nelson 4/18/1999
An Old Testament Easter Tom Nelson 4/4/1999
The Age of Imperial Christianity A.D. 312-590 Tom Nelson 3/28/1999

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