Sunday Messages

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Title Speaker Date
Till The Saviour Calls Tommy Nelson 11/25/2007
Ye Must Be Born Again Tom Nelson 11/18/2007
Doxology Tom Nelson 11/11/2007
The Mission of the Church: Being a Missionary to Your Neighbor Shea Sumlin 11/4/2007
The Fatherhood Crisis Shea Sumlin 10/28/2007
Defensor Fide Tom Nelson 10/21/2007
Known But To God Tom Nelson 10/14/2007
Prevailing Prayer Tom Nelson 10/7/2007
Missions: The Churchs Prevailing Purpose Tom Nelson 9/30/2007
The Priesthood Of The Believer Tom Nelson 9/23/2007
Deferring To The Weak Tom Nelson 9/16/2007
The Hard Issues Of Unity Tom Nelson 9/9/2007
The Christian Neighbor Tom Nelson 9/2/2007
Missions: Gods Love In Action Mike Scheer 8/26/2007
The Citizen Saint Tom Nelson 8/12/2007
Grace And Your Enemy Tom Nelson 8/5/2007
Gods Grace to the Church Part II Tom Nelson 7/29/2007
Gods Grace to the Church Part I Tom Nelson 7/22/2007
Total Commitment Tom Nelson 7/15/2007
Dispensationalism: Key to the Whole Story of God Tom Nelson 7/8/2007
A Sermon to America from a Long-Gone King Tom Nelson 7/1/2007
The Decree of God Tom Nelson 6/24/2007
All Israel Shall Be Saved Tom Nelson 6/17/2007
A Dark and Oppressed People Tom Nelson 6/10/2007
The Wideness of Gods Mercy Tom Nelson 6/3/2007
The Easiness of Salvation Tom Nelson 5/27/2007
The Problem with Present Day Israel Tom Nelson 5/20/2007
Vessels of Mercy, Vessels of Wrath Tom Nelson 5/13/2007
The Comfort of the Love of God Tom Nelson 5/6/2007
The Comfort of the Sovereignty of God Tom Nelson 4/29/2007
The Help of the Holy Spirit Tom Nelson 4/22/2007
Hope: The Saints Bright Light In This Dark World Tom Nelson 4/15/2007
"Behold the Man" Tom Nelson 4/8/2007
The Proof of a Childs Love Tom Nelson 4/1/2007
Secure Through a Salvation Already Begun Tom Nelson 3/25/2007
Security in the Cross Tom Nelson 3/18/2007
Sin and the Saint Tom Nelson 3/11/2007
Pauls Theological Testimony: The True Intent of the Law Tom Nelson 3/4/2007
The Necessity of Grace : Mans Inability to Keep the Law Tom Nelson 2/25/2007
The Blessed Dominion of Grace Tom Nelson 2/18/2007
The Believers Responsibility in Sanctification Tom Nelson 2/11/2007
Can A Christian Continue in Sin? Tom Nelson 2/4/2007
The Enigma of an Infants Grave Tom Nelson 1/28/2007
Safe in the Unfailing Love of God Tom Nelson 1/21/2007
Abraham's Faith, Humanity's Example Tom Nelson 1/14/2007
Faith Apart from Law : Salvations Certainty Tom Nelson 1/7/2007
The Blessed Referee Tom Nelson 12/31/2006
The Hallelujah Chorus : The Hope of Mankind Tom Nelson 12/24/2006
Faith Apart from Religious Works Tom Nelson 12/17/2006
The Faith of Abraham: Salvation Apart From Works Tom Nelson 12/10/2006
The Conclusions of Calvary Tom Nelson 12/3/2006
The Greatest Paragraph in the Bible : Paul's Assertion of Justification Tom Nelson 11/26/2006
Pauls Summation of the Estate of Man : The Doctrine of Total Depravity Tom Nelson 11/19/2006
The Condemnation of the Jew, The Self-Righteous,Part 2 Tom Nelson 11/12/2006
The Condemnation of the Jew, The Self-Righteous,Part 1 Tom Nelson 11/5/2006
The Condemnation of the Gentile (Part 2) Tom Nelson 10/29/2006
The Condemnation of the Gentile (Part 1) Tom Nelson 10/22/2006
The Greatest Thought That Has Ever Been Conceived Tom Nelson 10/15/2006
Faith's Foundation Tom Nelson 10/8/2006
Hallowed Be Thy Name John Brown 10/1/2006
The Lord My Shepherd John Brown 9/24/2006
How Precious is Your Faith Paul Polk 9/17/2006
The Eight Marks of a Disciple James Arnold 9/10/2006
The Battle is the Lords Judd Rumley 9/3/2006
Love is Something To Do John Brown 8/27/2006
And Who is,My Neighbor? John Brown 8/20/2006
The Main Thing John Brown 8/13/2006
The Grace of God Charles Stolfus 8/6/2006
How Great is Our GOD John Brown 7/30/2006
Behold Your God John Brown 7/23/2006
Blueprint For Discipleship John Brown 7/16/2006
We Must Have A Great Commission Mentality James Arnold 7/9/2006
The Freedom Trail: Jesus Christ - The Great Emancipator John Brown 7/2/2006
The Functional Family of God John Brown 6/25/2006
The Family of God John Brown 6/18/2006
The Da Vinci Code Deception Charles Stolfus 6/11/2006
Easter's Assumptions Tommy Nelson 04/16/2006
The Woman at the Well - The First Bride of Jesus Tommy Nelson 04/21/2002
Simeon: Gods Watchman for His New Day Tom Nelson 12/23/2001
The Day He was Born Amir Tsarfati 12/9/2001
Man's Only Hope Tom Nelson 12/2/2001
The Prince of Peace Tom Nelson 11/25/2001
The Love Story of the Ages Tom Nelson 11/18/2001
Ai: Victory Through Defeat Tommy Nelson 11/11/2001
Jericho: God's Emblem of Divine Justice Tommy Nelson 11/04/2001
An Odd Little War: The Lesson of "Danger Within" Tommy Nelson 10/28/2001
Journey to the Center of the Bible Tom Nelson 10/21/2001
Taking War to the Hilt Tommy Nelson 10/14/2001
Kadesh and Hormah "If God is With Us...?" Tommy Nelson 10/07/2001
The Cause That Triumphs Tommy Nelson 09/30/2001
God and His Patriarchs at War Tommy Nelson 09/23/2001
"9-11" Tommy Nelson 09/16/2001
When Heaven Came Down Tommy Nelson 09/09/2001
The Son of God: Our Mighty Maker and Redeemer Tommy Nelson 9/2/2001
Life in the Last Days Tom Nelson 8/26/2001
Jesus and the Media Dr. Darrell Bock 8/19/2001
The Believers Assurance of the Future Day of Judgement Tom Nelson 8/12/2001
Gods Calendar The Seven Feasts of Israel Amir Tsarfati 8/5/2001
A List of the Loathsome Tom Nelson 7/29/2001
Profile of a Heretic Tom Nelson 7/22/2001

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