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Title Speaker Date
The Last Three Hours Tom Nelson 06/27/2010
The Greatest Six Hours in History Tom Nelson 06/20/2010
Behold the Man, Behold the King Tom Nelson 06/13/2010
Trials #2 and #3: Christ Before the Sanhedrin Tom Nelson 06/06/2010
Trial #1: The Arrest and Trial Before Annas Tom Nelson 05/30/2010
Gethsemane: The Last Adam in the Last Garden at the Last Temptation Tom Nelson 05/23/2010
The Last Passover: The First Lord's Supper Tom Nelson 05/16/2010
The Greatest Story Ever Told II Tom Nelson 05/09/2010
The Judgement of the Nations Tom Nelson 05/02/10
Laboring in the Light of His Coming Tom Nelson 04/25/2010
Ladies in Waiting Tom Nelson 04/18/10
The Thief in the Night Tom Nelson 04/11/2010
The Return of the King Tom Nelson 03/28/2010
The Autopsy of Hypocrisy Tom Nelson 03/21/10
The Final Word II Tom Nelson 03/14/2010
The Greatest Commandment Tom Nelson 03/07/2010
Christ's Authority in the Afterlife Tom Nelson 02/28/2010
The Relationship of Church and State: Influence or Unholy Union Tom Nelson 02/21/10
The Parable of the Gate Crasher Tom Nelson 02/14/2009
The Firing of Israel's Leaders, Inclusion of the Remnant, and the Kingdom Extended to the Gentiles Tom Nelson 02/07/10
Why Read Your Bible? Tom Nelson 01/31/2010
Two Peoples, Living and Dead Tom Nelson 01/24/2010
The Cleansing of the Temple Tom Nelson 01/17/2010
The Totality of Christian Consecration Tom Nelson 01/10/10
Othniel: The Lion of Judah Tom Nelson 01/03/2010
The Magnificent Mystery II Tom Nelson 12/20/2009
The Most Important Week of History: The Triumphal Entry Tom Nelson 12/13/2009
Men of Honor Tom Nelson 12/06/2009
The Price of Greatness: A New "Coin of the Realm" Tom Nelson 11/29/2009
Rewards of the Kingdom Tom Nelson 11/22/2009
Good Lessons from Bad Examples Tom Nelson 11/15/2009
Divorce: Amending the Perspective of the Church Tom Nelson 11/08/2009
The Solitary Glory of Jesus Christ The Son of God and Word of the Father Tommy Nelson 04/14/2002
Was Easter Really Necessary? or Is Christ the Only Way? Tommy Nelson 03/31/2002
A Theological Confrontation: Christ and Nicodemus Tommy Nelson 03/24/2002
Shadow of the Cross Tommy Nelson 03/17/2002
The First Miracle, Re-creation: The Wedding at Cana Tommy Nelson 03/10/2002
Remember Walter Nusbaum 03/03/2002
The Peace of Christ Charles Stolfus 02/24/2002
The Original Men Tommy Nelson 02/17/2002
The Pinnacle of Human Thought: The Word Became Flesh Tommy Nelson 01/27/2002
The Day He was Born Tom Nelson 12/9/2001
Man’s Only Hope Tom Nelson 12/2/2001
“The Prince of Peace” Tom Nelson 11/25/2001
The Love Story of the Ages Tom Nelson 11/18/2001
“Journey to the Center of the Bible” Tom Nelson 10/21/2001
“9-11” Tom Nelson 9/16/2001
Forgiveness: Emulation of the Divine Tom Nelson 11/01/09
Church Discipline: Divine Law for an Earthly People Tom Nelson 10/25/09
A Straight Word to the Crooked Men Tom Nelson 10/18/09
All Things Great and Small Tom Nelson 10/11/09
The Power of Prevailing Prayer Tom Nelson 10/04/09
Elijah, Jesus, Yote and Us Tom Nelson 09/27/09
The Transfiguration: A View From the Other Side Tom Nelson 09/20/2009
The Way of the Cross Tom Nelson 09/13/09
Total Commitment Tom Nelson 7/15/07
A Sermon from the Edge Tom Nelson 09/06/09
The Intelligent Design Movement Charles Stolfus 08/30/09
Rocks, Keys and Christ John Brown 08/23/09
Beware the Leaven John Brown 08/16/09
Ministry to the Margins John Brown 08/09/09
The Heart of True Religion John Brown 08/02/09
Rising Above the Storms in Life Tom Nelson 07/26/09
The Training of the Twelve: My Utmost for His Highest Tom Nelson 07/19/09
Let it Shine John Brown 07/12/09
Secularism: The Death of the West Tom Nelson 07/05/09
Secularism: Pinnacle of Glory or Death Knell Tom Nelson 06/28/09
New Things, Old Sins Tom Nelson 06/21/09
The End of the Age Tom Nelson 06/14/09
The Unification of the Kingdom Tom Nelson 06/07/09
Good Deed Doers Tom Nelson 05/31/09
The Divine View of Heaven Tom Nelson 05/24/09
The Parable of the Leaven: The Transformation of the Kingdom Tom Nelson 05/17/09
The Expansion of the Kingdom: The Parable of the Mustard Seed Tom Nelson 05/10/09
The Imitation of the Kingdom: The Tares and the Wheat Tom Nelson 05/03/09
The Parable of the Sower Tom Nelson 04/26/2009
The Unforgivable Sin: And Ending for Israel, A Beginning For The World Tom Nelson 04/19/2009
"Ad Fonte" Tom Nelson 04/12/2009
The Divinely Sanctioned Split in Israel: Savior of the Little Man Tom Nelson 03/29/2009
The Persecution of the King-The Remnant in Israel-Part 1 Tom Nelson 03/22/2009
The Bridge Tom Nelson 03/22/2009
How To Share Your Testimony Tom Nelson 03/15/2009
An Evangelists Vocabulary-Part 3 Tom Nelson 03/08/2009
An Evangelists Vocabulary-Part 2 Tom Nelson 03/01/2009
An Evangelists Vocabulary-Part 1 Tom Nelson 02/22/2009
The Master's Plan Tom Nelson 02/15/2009
Perspectives of Evangelism Tom Nelson 02/08/2009
The Coming Struggle Tom Nelson 01/25/2009
The Long Grey Line Tom Nelson 01/18/2009
Heavens Messengers Tom Nelson 01/11/2009
The Proclamation of the King Via Apostolica Tom Nelson 01/04/2009
Iron Man Tom Nelson 1/4/2009
Behold the Lamb Tom Nelson 12/28/2008
The First Fathers Tom Nelson 12/14/2008
Two Blind Men and A Mute Tom Nelson 12/07/2008
A Tale of Two Daughters Tom Nelson 11/30/2008
Our Heavenly Home Tom Nelson 11/30/2008
The King and His Subjects: The Challenge Begins Tom Nelson 11/16/2008
Men Made New Tom Nelson 11/09/2008
The Other Side Tom Nelson 11/02/2008

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