Sunday Messages

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Title Speaker Date
A Gospel More Grand, A God More Glorious John Brown 05/06/2012
The Process Begins Tommy Nelson 04/29/2012
Giant Killer Tommy Nelson 04/22/2012
A Man Whose Day Has Come Tommy Nelson 04/15/2012
The Simplicity of Salvation Tommy Nelson 04/08/2012
The Door Opens for Greatness Tommy Nelson 04/01/2012
The Selection of David Tommy Nelson 03/25/2012
The Beginning of the Ascent of the World's Greatest King Tommy Nelson 03/18/2012
The Dark Side of the Almighty Tommy Nelson 03/11/2012
Defining Moments: Driven by Fear or Trusting in God's Promises? Mike Scheer 03/04/2012
The Squandering of a Second Chance Tommy Nelson 02/26/2012
Leaders of Fear and Leaders of Love Tommy Nelson 02/19/2012
Leaders That Use VS Leaders That Bless Tommy Nelson 02/12/2012
Jonathan, The Galihad of the Old Testament Tommy Nelson 02/05/2012
The Tragedy of Saul Tommy Nelson 01/29/2012
Saul and the Philistines - "The Greatest That Never Was" Tommy Nelson 01/22/2012
A Nation at the Crossroads Tommy Nelson 01/15/2012
The First Battle of the First King - The Setting Forth of the Divine Leader Tommy Nelson 01/08/2012
The "Thanatopsis" of "Faraway Fellers" Tommy Nelson 01/01/2012
The Greatest Fairy Tale Tommy Nelson 12/25/2011
The Theological Wanderings of "The Gatherer" Tommy Nelson 12/18/2011
"Sir, We Would See Jesus" Tommy Nelson 12/11/2011
The Initial Enunciation or "God's View of Political Science" Tommy Nelson 12/04/2011
The First Politician Tommy Nelson 11/27/2011
The Inaugural Inauguration Tommy Nelson 11/20/2011
"A King Like the Gentiles" - God in Political Science Tommy Nelson 11/13/2011
The Turning of a Nation's History Tommy Nelson 11/06/2011
How to Approach The Great King Tommy Nelson 10/30/2011
Gentiles in the Hands of a Holy God Tommy Nelson 10/23/2011
When God Departs Tommy Nelson 10/16/2011
Standards of Willing Devotion Tommy Nelson 10/09/2011
The Rise of the Prophet Tommy Nelson 10/02/2011
The Passing of the Torch Tommy Nelson 09/25/2011
A Contrast in Priests: Samuel and the Sons of Eli Tommy Nelson 09/18/2011
The Song of Hannah, Israel's Incomparable God Tommy Nelson 09/11/2011
God's Purpose in Pain Tommy Nelson 09/04/2011
Israel's Day of Camelot Tommy Nelson 08/28/2011
Grace Defined Mike Scheer 08/21/2011
Bless the Lord, O My Soul John Brown 08/14/2011
The Development of Faith Tommy Nelson 08/07/2011
The Scenario of Suffering Tommy Nelson 07/31/2011
Hills to Die On Tommy Nelson 07/24/2011
The Coming of the Day of the Lord; If so, where has it been? Tommy Nelson 07/17/2011
In Thy Light - Psalm 36:9 Tommy Nelson 07/10/2011
Stand Firm: The Christian Warrior Tommy Nelson 07/03/2011
Beloved, Let Us Love One Another John Brown 06/26/2011
The Most Loving People in the Community Mike Scheer 06/19/2011
God is Great BECAUSE God is Good Mike Scheer 06/12/2011
The Christian Worker and The Christian Employer Tom Nelson 06/05/2011
The Christian Parent and The Christian Child Tom Nelson 05/29/2011
The Christian Husband Tom Nelson 05/22/2011
The Christian Wife Tom Nelson 05/15/2011
The Gathering Tommy Nelson 05/08/2011
Redeeming the Times Tommy Nelson 05/01/2011
Mary Magdalene: God's "Tower" of Strength Tommy Nelson 04/24/2011
Walk as Children of Light Tommy Nelson 04/17/2011
Divine Light on "This is the Day" Tommy Nelson 04/04/2010
"The Irony of Idolatry" Jeff Wiesner 04/10/2011
Old Ways for New Men Tommy Nelson 04/03/2011
"Walk No Longer as the Nations" Tommy Nelson 03/27/2011
The Mature Christian, the Mature Church Tommy Nelson 03/20/2011
"Walking Worthy" Tommy Nelson 03/13/2011
A Time for Joy - Jeff Allen Jeff Allen 03/06/2011
"Men Made New" Tommy Nelson 02/27/2011
Understanding the Times Tommy Nelson 02/20/2011
A Generation of Hope Chris Wilson 02/13/2011
The Miracle of the "One New Man" OR Glimpse Unto Utopia Tommy Nelson 02/06/2011
The Creed of Grace Tom Nelson 01/30/2011
Foot Soldiers Tommy Nelson 01/23/2010
Foot Soldiers Tommy Nelson 01/23/2010
"The Family Tree, the Believer's Inglorious Past" Tommy Nelson 01/16/2011
The Gospel Centered Life Mike Scheer 01/09/11
"Finishing the Race" Tommy Nelson 01/02/2011
"The Way of the World and the Way of the Word" Tommy Nelson 12/26/2010
Carol Sing 2010 Tommy Nelson 12/19/2010
Christ: The Amen to the Promise of God Tommy Nelson 12/12/2010
Knowing God According to Paul Tommy Nelson 12/05/2010
"The Deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ" Tommy Nelson 11/28/2010
The Work of the Holy Spirit in our Salvation Tommy Nelson 11/21/2010
The Work of the Son in our Salvation Tommy Nelson 11/14/2010
"In Intellectual Neutral" Dr. Lane Craig 11/07/2010
Blessed Be the Father, Our Grand Designer: The Doctrine Tommy Nelson 10/31/2010
Angels Unaware Tommy Nelson 10/24/2010
God's Faithfulness in the Stuff Down Here Tommy Nelson 10/17/2010
The Magnificent Hope Tommy Nelson 10/10/2010
The Theology of Local Missions: Paying it Forward Mike Scheer 10/03/10
Christ, My Passion Tommy Nelson 09/26/2010
Men of Distinction Tommy Nelson 09/19/10
"Work Out Your Salvation" Tommy Nelson 09/12/2010
A Church Worthy of the Name Tommy Nelson 09/05/2010
In the Grip of a Master Passion Tommy Nelson 08/29/2010
The Cause of Christ: Fiery Preachers and Friendly Pews Tommy Nelson 08/22/2010
"Classic Christianity" The Doctrine of Renewal Tommy Nelson 08/15/2010
The Peril of Carnality Tommy Nelson 08/08/2010
A Long Obedience Tommy Nelson 08/01/2010
The Perils of Sin Tom Nelson 07/25/2010
The Plan of the Kings: The Great Commission Tom Nelson 07/18/2010
Christ Our First Fruits: The Story of the Resurrection Tom Nelson 07/11/2010
America: The Grand Idea Tommy Nelson 05/26/2002
The Lord of the Nations Tom Nelson 07/04/2010

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