Sunday Messages

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Title Speaker Date
The Way of Cain Tom Nelson 1/4/1987
Two Men, Two Paths Tom Nelson 12/28/1986
A Banquet of Consequences Tom Nelson 12/14/1986
Paradise Lost Tom Nelson 12/7/1986
No Longer Two Tom Nelson 11/30/1986
Genesis 2: The Willing Subject Tom Nelson 11/23/1986
The Molding of a Psalmist Tom Nelson 11/16/1986
The Peril of the Gifted Tom Nelson 11/9/1986
The Peril of Zeal Tom Nelson 11/2/1986
The Sabbath Day Tom Nelson 10/5/1986
King of the Earth Tom Nelson 9/28/1986
The Fullness Thereof Tom Nelson 9/21/1986
The Waters Above Tom Nelson 9/14/1986
The Universe: Its Form and Forces Tom Nelson 9/7/1986
A Purpose Statement Tom Nelson 8/31/1986
The Old Old Story Tom Nelson 8/24/1986
The Camp Fire of the Saints Tom Nelson 8/17/1986
The Worship of God Tom Nelson 8/10/1986
Grits and Gravy for Grace in the Grind Tom Nelson 8/3/1986
Utopia - Not Yet Tom Nelson 7/27/1986
The Race or Stumped My Toe in Saint Jo Tom Nelson 7/20/1986
How Will You be Remembered Mel Sumrall 7/13/1986
Trusting God for Impossibilities Mel Sumrall 7/6/1986
A Studied View of the Word of God Tom Nelson 6/22/1986
Thanksgiving Tom Nelson 6/15/1986
Obedience: A Hallmark of the Faith Bill Burnett 6/8/1986
A Stuttering Mans Destiny Mel Sumrall 6/1/1986
A Fork in the Road of Life Mel Sumrall 5/25/1986
How to Die Mel Sumrall 5/18/1986
Lost Opportunities Mel Sumrall 5/11/1986
Exchanging Certainties for Uncertainties Mel Sumrall 5/4/1986
Ordinary Men with Unordinary Faith Mel Sumrall 4/27/1986
Getting a Handle on Life Mel Sumrall 4/20/1986
The Christians Greatest Need Mel Sumrall 4/13/1986
The Greatest Perils That the Church Faces Mel Sumrall 4/6/1986
The Greatest Story Ever Told Tom Nelson 3/30/1986
The Encouragers Tom Nelson 3/23/1986
The Christian Tenacity Tom Nelson 3/16/1986
Two Cents and a Fist Full of Lettuce Tom Nelson 3/9/1986
The Finality of Calvary Tom Nelson 3/3/1986
The Three Benefits of Christs Ministry Mel Sumrall 2/23/1986
Calvary: The Unloosing of the Bonds of Mercy Tom Nelson 2/16/1986
Calvary: A Forever Fountain Tom Nelson 2/9/1986
The Law: A Parable of Cleansing Tom Nelson 2/2/1986
The New Covenant or The Bridegrooms Voice Tom Nelson 1/26/1986
The Shadow of Grace Tom Nelson 1/19/1986
The Son of Man: An Eternal Circle Tom Nelson 1/12/1986
Melchizedek and Christ: Our Link to Eternity Tom Nelson 1/5/1986
My Anchor Holds Tom Nelson 12/29/1985
Close Encounter or A Brush with Deity Tom Nelson 12/15/1985
What the Big Boys Eat Tom Nelson 12/8/1985
Christ Our High Priest or The Theology of Tears Tom Nelson 12/1/1985
Jesus: The Believers Sympathetic High Priest Tom Nelson 11/24/1985
Jesus... The Believers Rest Tom Nelson 11/17/1985
The Peril of Unbelief Tom Nelson 11/10/1985
Faithfulness... The Vital Sign of the Saint Tom Nelson 11/3/1985
Pioneer of Salvation II Mel Sumrall 10/27/1985
Pioneer of Salvation Mel Sumrall 10/20/1985
Calvary: That Which Becomes Deity Tom Nelson 10/13/1985
The Peril of a Drifter Tom Nelson 10/6/1985
Born King of Angels Tom Nelson 9/29/1985
Behold the Man Tom Nelson 9/22/1985
The Son of God... Gods Final Word Tom Nelson 9/15/1985
Law and Grace The Believers New Constitution Tom Nelson 7/28/1985
Believers Security: Rest in Gods 7th Day Tom Nelson 7/21/1985
Blessed Assurance: The Believers Sino Tom Nelson 7/14/1985
The Sealing of the Spirit Tom Nelson 7/7/1985
Regeneration: Blessed Birth in a Forever Family Tom Nelson 6/23/1985
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Tom Nelson 6/16/1985
Effectual Calling: The Compelling Voice of Deity Tom Nelson 6/9/1985
Reconciliation or The Much More Love of God Tom Nelson 6/2/1985
Propitiation: The Satisfaction of Righteous Wrath Tom Nelson 5/26/1985
Redemption: or Perfect Payment of an Awful Debt Tom Nelson 5/19/1985
The Doctrine of Substitution Tom Nelson 5/12/1985
The Three Rs of Divine Grace Tom Nelson 5/5/1985
Inspection of Election or Objects of Benevolence Tom Nelson 4/14/1985
Blessed Burden or The Story of the Easter Tom Nelson 4/7/1985
Enigma of an Infants Grave Tom Nelson 3/31/1985
Total Depravity Tom Nelson 3/24/1985
The Castle Tommy Nelson 01/06/1985
The Kingdom Tommy Nelson 12/30/1984
Sometimes in Church Membership, Subtraction is better than Addition 1/0/1900 1/22/1984
The Doctrine of Boasting Tom Nelson 8/28/1983
The Law of the Harvest Tom Nelson 8/21/1983
The Life of Freedom Tom Nelson 8/14/1983
The Provision for Freedom Tom Nelson 8/7/1983
The Qualifications of Freedom Tom Nelson 7/31/1983
The Necessity of Freedom Tom Nelson 7/17/1983
Pillars of Freedom Tom Nelson 7/10/1983
Pauls Defense of the Faith Tom Nelson 7/3/1983
The Real Apostolic Creed Tom Nelson 6/26/1983
A Time for Dogmatism Tom Nelson 6/19/1983
Wanted: The Sons of Issachar Tom Nelson 4/17/1983
The Believers Perspective of Scripture Tom Nelson 4/10/1983
Alleged Biblical Contradiction Tom Nelson 3/27/1983
The Doctrine of Interpretation Tom Nelson 3/20/1983
The Doctrine of Illumination Tom Nelson 3/12/1983
The Doctrine of Canonicity Tom Nelson 3/5/1983
Transmission, Manuscripts, and Textual Criticism Tom Nelson 2/27/1983
The Doctrine of Inspiration Inspiration's Extent and Implications Tom Nelson 2/20/1983

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