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Title Speaker Date
Finding Rest in Christ's Yoke Mike Griffis 06/21/2015
The Gospel Centered Life Mike Scheer 01/09/11
The Theology of Local Missions: Paying it Forward Mike Scheer 10/03/10
Defining Moments: Driven by Fear or Trusting in God's Promises? Mike Scheer 03/04/2012
Suffering: When Theoretical Truth Becomes An Unwelcome Reality Mike Scheer 09/01/2013
The Responsibility and Privilege of Missions Mike Scheer 01/18/2015
Outreach: Removing Barriers; Building Relationships Mike Scheer 06/02/2013
Means of Endurance Mike Scheer 06/08/2014
Motivation For Endurance Mike Scheer 06/01/2014
Defining the Sabbath Mike Scheer 02/07/2016
Prayer and the Mark of Maturity Mike Scheer 10/26/2014
Fixer Upper: Christ Dwelling in Your Heart Mike Scheer 08/14/2016
Ministers of Reconciliation: God's Purpose in Missions Mike Scheer 01/20/2013
Commanded to Walk: Union in Christ Mike Scheer 08/27/2017
Alienation to Reconciliation Mike Scheer 08/13/2017
The Privileged Call to Service Mike Scheer 08/20/2017
A Distinctive Life in a Decaying Culture Part I Mike Scheer 08/12/2012
Can We Really Trust the Gospels? Dr. Mike Licona 11/06/2010
Missions: Gods Love In Action Mike Scheer 8/26/2007
God is Great BECAUSE God is Good Mike Scheer 06/12/2011
Pressing On: Testimonies of the Christian Life Mike Scheer 07/08/2012
An Enduring Life in a Decaying Culture Part II Mike Scheer 08/19/2012
The Most Loving People in the Community Mike Scheer 06/19/2011
Grace Defined Mike Scheer 08/21/2011
Treasure in Earthen Vessels - 2013 Mission Conference Various 01/18/2013
On Guard - The 2010 Apologetics Conference Various November 6th, 2010
2013 Missions Conference Part 3 Various 01/19/2013
2013 Missions Conference Part 1 Various 01/18/2013
2017 Men's Conference - Forging of Faith: Molding a Man of God Various 03/03/2017-03/04/2017
Men - The American Male...Where do we stand? (2013) Various March 2013
Men - A Man and His Bible (2012) Various March 2012
2015 Men's Conference - The Battlefields of Manhood Various 03/21/2015

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