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Title Speaker Date
ICR: Your Origins Matter Dr. Jason Lisle 08/21/2016
Just In Case You Ever Wonder Jason Fanning 06/14/2015
A Father Who Is Near Jason Fanning 06/18/2017
God Has Made Us Heavenly Jason Fanning 09/10/2017
Has God Qualified You for His Inheritance? Jason Fanning 08/06/2017
We Are Incapable of Adding to Christ's Sufficiency Jason Fanning 09/03/2017
"In Intellectual Neutral" Dr. Lane Craig 11/07/2010
Men - A Man and His Bible (2012) Various March 2012
The Price of Freedom Hugh Hewitt 10/29/2014
The Great Debate - Disc 1 Dr. William Lane Craig & Dr. Marcus Borg 10/22/2001
The Great Debate - Disc 2 Dr. William Lane Craig & Dr. Marcus Borg 10/22/2001
Q & A with Tommy Nelson & Dr. Mark Young Tommy Nelson & Dr. Mark Young 05/29/2009
The Rapture Dr. Elliot Johnson 07/26/2015
Does Adam Need to Be a Real Person? - Part 1 Dr. Mark Bailey 11/16/2015
Does Adam Need to Be a Real Person? - Part 2 (Q&A) Dr. Mark Bailey 11/16/2015
Can I Trust the Bible? - Part 1 Dr. Dan Wallace 03/28/2016
Can I Trust the Bible? - Part 2 (Q&A) Dr. Dan Wallace 03/28/2016
Rapture: The Coming of the Lord for His Church Dr John Walvoord 9/5/1993
Witnessing in the Marketplace Dr. Manny Desai 12/13/1998
Jesus and the Media Dr. Darrell Bock 8/19/2001
Complementarian Vision of Creation Dr. Bruce Ware 6/22/2008
Manhood, Womanhood and the Mystery of Christ Dr. Russell Moore 6/29/2008
Love Your Neighbor - 2009 Missions Conference Tommy Nelson/Mark Young May 2009
On Guard - The 2010 Apologetics Conference Various November 6th, 2010
Defending Your Faith Kick-Off Dr. Craig Hazen & Dr. J.P. Moreland 11/05/2010
The Power and Promise of Intelligent Design Dr. Paul Nelson 11/05/2010
Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? Dr. Craig Hazen 11/06/2010
The War of Worldviews Dr. J.P. Moreland 11/06/2010
Can We Really Trust the Gospels? Dr. Mike Licona 11/06/2010
The Case for the Existence of God Dr. William Lane Craig 11/06/2010
The Good Samaritan Dr. Mark Young 05/29/2009
2013 Missions Conference Part 2 Various 01/18/2013
Treasure in Earthen Vessels - 2013 Mission Conference Various 01/18/2013
The Peril of a Drifter Tom Nelson 10/6/1985
Dare to Draw Nearer Tom Nelson 2/14/1988
The Dragon and the Lady of Light Tom Nelson 2/17/1991
Christmas Classics - A Compendium of Christmas Sermons Tommy Nelson 1987 – 2002
Lost Art of Disciple Making Tommy Nelson August 2008
Revelation Volume 2 of 3 Tommy Nelson November 1990 – March 1991
A Life Well Lived - DVD Series Tommy Nelson 2004
Genesis Volume 1 of 6 Tommy Nelson September 1986-January 1987
Genesis Volume 2 of 6 Tommy Nelson January-May 1987
Genesis Volume 3 of 6 Tommy Nelson October 1987-February 1988
Genesis Volume 4 of 6 Tommy Nelson February-October 1988
Genesis Volume 5 of 6 Tommy Nelson October 1988-February 1989
Genesis Volume 6 of 6 Tommy Nelson March-October 1989
Genesis - Complete MP3 Series Tommy Nelson September 1986-October 1989
Hebrews - Complete MP3 Series Tommy Nelson September 1985-August 1986
Hebrews Volume 1 of 4 Tommy Nelson September-December 1985
Questions and Answers Tommy Nelson April-May 2001
Revelation - Complete MP3 Series Tommy Nelson September 1990-June 1991
Theology of War - A Christian’s Perspective of War Tommy Nelson September – November 2001
Bethlehem and Calvary: Philosophy's Dream and Religion's Longing Tommy Nelson 12/26/1999
Defining Moments: Driven by Fear or Trusting in God's Promises? Mike Scheer 03/04/2012
The Classic Fool Tommy Nelson 10/07/2012
Walking on Water (When You Feel Like You're Drowning) 2012
The Doctrine of Bibliology - VI. Peculiar Things of a Unique Book Part II Tommy Nelson 01/27/2013
Men - The American Male...Where do we stand? (2013) Various March 2013
2015 Men's Conference - The Battlefields of Manhood Various 03/21/2015
2016 Men's Conference - When the Gospel & Culture Collide Various 02/26/2016-2/27/2016
The Conclusion of Paul's First Sermon: "Drawing the Next" Tommy Nelson 09/25/2016
2017 Men's Conference - Forging of Faith: Molding a Man of God Various 03/03/2017-03/04/2017
The Faraway Gaze Drew Anderson 06/11/2017

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